Our Promise

We curate our product and service with a client-first mindset and a priority on the environment with the mission to raise kids in a better planet.

We are committed to premium quality items purely made from eco-friendly materials and processes. We source and work with certified forests in Asia to produce items from raw materials that are organic, recycled or biodegradable.

Babies and families are in the top of our mind when we design and create the items of our collections.

We promise sustainable sourcing and equally prioritise both comfort and the environment. We want consumers to know that they have a very strong power to change the planet.

The brand is driven to be an ESG ambassador that persuades families to choose eco-friendly retail and raise their kids in a better planet. With a mission to give back to Mother Earth, TravelTod will keep learning about the planet and developing collections.

Our Product Qualities


Our baby collection is made from premium Bamboo from a species native to China and other parts of East Asia. Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plant species due to its sustainable rapid growth, minimal environmental impact, versatility and its ability to regenerate quickly. It is a self-replenishing resource which miraculously sprouts on its own without any pesticides.

It has numerous qualities that make it the best gentle material for babies.

  • Naturally Soft

    Bamboo textile and fabric has a natural sheen like silk and is softer than the softest cotton. This makes it a perfect material for delicate baby skin, from newborn. It also drapes like satin while being significantly more durable

  • Hypoallergenic

    Our organic bamboo’s natural fiber are perfect for sensitive skin. The manufacturing process used for producing the items out of this bamboo is proven to be non-irritating and therefore the most ideal for newborns

  • Breathable

    Porous qualities that are great for breathability and therefore makes it ideal for baby usage,
    resisting clinging during hot weather, exercise or other. The fiber also absorbs moisture and therefore evaporate any transpiration quickly, four times more absorbent than normal cotton.

  • Thermal Regulating

    This bamboo is excellent for all seasons. It adapts to the climate to ensure that your baby is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Food Grade Silicone

Another highly sustainable material across our collections, with wonderful qualities for babies as young as newborns. (1) It is Non-Toxic, Safe from any harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PVC to ensure that your baby can use this for long periods of time with no risk of contamination. (2) Soft and Gentle, its soft texture is delicate on your baby’s gums and teeth making it a perfect material for babies that explore solid foods or have growing teeth and need gentle materials that won’t cause irritation. (3) Durable & Easy to Clean: it can withstand falls, chewing, teething and is highly resistant to scratches, stains, odors as well as high temperatures. This makes our items perfectly suitable for microwaves, sterilisers, freezers and dishwashers. They are therefore very easy to maintain, making parents' household life so much easier. (4) Eco-Friendly, Food Grade Silicone is the perfect sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. It is reusable, recyclable and does not contribute to the environmental pollution. It is a great eco-friendly choice for your little ones teething, playing and feeding habits, while teaching them to love our planet.


Beechwood is a renewable and biodegradable resource. It's an excellent choice for kids and this is how you can tell them why.

  1. It grows back fast, so we're not running out.
  2. When we're done with it, it goes back to nature.
  3. It doesn't have any harmful chemicals.
  4. It's super strong, so all toys are safe and can last longer.
  5. We only use wood from forests that take care of the trees and animals.
  6. It is naturally aesthetic, it has a beautiful appearance.

Its a great way for them to have fun and soothe their gums while loving. the planet.

Love for our Planet

TravelTod has three best friends to help us embrace sustainability: Moso, the elephant; Leaf, the giraffe; and Greeno, the dinosaur. With their love to nature and children, they help us drive our mission of being an ESG ambassador that encourages parents to choose eco-friendly retail and raise kids in a better planet. Because your kid deserves it.

Moso got his name from one of our favorite premium bamboos, both known for the strength and connection to nature as well as for its crucial role in supporting biodiversity. His foliage creates a habitat for several species of wildlife as well as birds and insects.

Leaf got her name from her herbivorous diet, mainly consisting of trees and leaves. Leaf’s connection to her natural habitat conveys to us a strong sense of sustainability.

Greeno always lived in harmony with nature, like how we want to take care of our planet today. Like other dinos, he always ate responsibly, without ever wasting food. He always shared resources with other species such as its habitat, keeping it clean and beautiful without polluting water neither damaging plants.

We hope that you and your kids can learn eco-friendly practices from them and join them in their mission to save the planet.

Because your kid deserves it

TravelTod joins the world’s mission to raise children into a greener world and create a strong sense of environmental consciousness among people. There is an urgent need to protect and invest in children and the planet, including climate education . COP28 concluded companies must commit to ensure that children are educated on the world problem as the environment impact will shape their lives for the decades to come

COP28 addressed the three factors that the brand sustainable friends embrace in order to protect the lives and life perspective of children

  • Moso creates awareness about the collapse of biodiversity
  • Leaf highlights the overall climate emergency
  • Greeno, among other, wishes to fight the world’s pollution

In 2022, the UN General Assembly recognised that a clean, healthy & sustainable environment is a human right. TravelTod follows UNICEF’s call on parties to take action to protect the lives, health and well-being of children: empowering children to be a champion of the environment, starting with what they wear and use, to rapidly start reducing emissions.