Our Story

TravelTod loves our planet.

Everything we do is for our children and the world. We are passionate about offering eco-friendly solutions that prioritise the health of both infants and the environment- ensuring a brighter and greener future for them to live in and for generations to come.

TravelTod is an eco-friendly retail, curated to create travel and lifestyle solutions for families and premium comfort for infants while giving back to the planet. Among other, TravelTod combines environmental and social responsibility, product quality and durability. The brand was born in Singapore, nature-inspired to increase green consumerism, hoping kids can be involved in giving back to the planet from the day they are born.

All our items, including packaging, are made from ecological, organic or recycled materials, which have a smaller environmental impact: require less energy and water to produce, generate fewer carbon emissions and reduce waste.

With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we celebrate the playful nature of childhood while reducing the carbon footprint. As we grow, we will expand our exclusive range of products and with your help, we will further minimise the environmental impact of the planet.

TravelTod joins the world’s mission to raise children into a greener world and create a strong sense of environmental consciousness among people. Nowadays, children are driving a sense of urgency about climate change. We encourage you to choose sustainably, because your kid deserves it.

The Founder Behind

My name is Giselle Makarachvili, I founded the brand in Singapore, inspired from my motherhood journeys. Ian, our first traveller, started to change our lives.

I was born and raised in Peru, graduated in Switzerland and pursued a passionating luxury hospitality career for over 12 years while travelling the world with it. I’ve always been passionate about both service excellence and sustainability and I have been blessed to continue to experience iconic hotels with my kids.

I settled in Singapore and while leading a Real Estate and hospitality company, welcomed my first child to the world. I’ve been truly inspired by the numerous changes that motherhood brought to my life. In 2023, I left my role before bringing my second child, Chiara, to dedicate myself to building the brand while navigating, learning and enjoying the fascinating journey of motherhood.

Motherhood was the luckiest gift I could get from nature, it brought the best out of me. Mother Nature inspired me in countless ways; it made me learn how children resemble nature. It taught me patience and how, like nature, each child follows their own path and can't be rushed. It taught me nurturing and how to grow through adversity. It inspired me to give back to the planet.

I build TravelTod to be an ESG ambassador that can teach families and businesses to choose eco-friendly retail with the purpose of building a better planet, and raising our kids in a better place.

My journey is intertwined with the dynamic, sometimes chaotic, yet immensely rewarding experience of raising my two under two.  Through sleepless nights and a whirlwind of giggles, tantrums and tender moments, TravelTod was officially born.

Balancing the demands of parenthood and entrepreneurship have taught me invaluable insights into the importance of resilience, patience and dedication- qualities that mirror the essence of sustainability itself. Each day presents profound parallels between fostering a greener future and nurturing the growth and development of my little ones. 

My children are not just my inspiration but also my driving force, propelling me forward with determination to create a better future for them and for generations to come.